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Formally launched in July 2014, the glass fibre Coulam Wheelyboat V20 is designed for a wide range of activities on inshore and inland waters and is The Wheelyboat Trust’s most versatile Wheelyboat to date. It is built for use with outboards up to 90hp at speeds of 30mph+ to provide exhilarating power boating to people with mobility difficulties. It comes with a drive-from-wheelchair helm as standard and its huge 90 square feet of level floor space can comfortably accommodate up to ten adults including six wheelchair users. Its innovative design, ease of access on and off and large open cockpit means it also has considerable versatility as a rescue and safety craft, workboat, water taxi and general-purpose leisure craft.



  • LOA 6.18m, Beam 2.30m

  • RCD Cat. C

  • Robust GRP build

  • V-shaped planing hull

  • Up to 90hp - 30mph+

  • 10 adults on inland waters

  • 90 sq. ft. level floor space wheelchair accessible throughout

  • Accommodates six wheelchairs in comfort!

Our Wheelyboat of Choice

Video Courtesy of The Wheelyboat Trust

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