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Meet the people & organisations that support our work and purpose. We are incredibly grateful for all their advice and experience helping to set ourselves up. 

Our Patrons & Supporters

We are honoured to be supported by our Patrons:

Adrian Pike
Cala Pike

Lord Bill Bradshaw
Lady Diana Bradshaw

Bisham Abbey Sailing School based at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre by the River Thames, is an RYA recognised teaching centre which operates throughout the year specialising in dinghy sailing as well as practical motor boat handling and shore based theory & navigation courses.

The Wheelyboat Trust is a charity that provides less-able people with the opportunity & freedom to enjoy waters in the UK in their wheelchair accessible Wheelyboats. They aid public venues in acquiring Wheelyboats for their less-able visitors and help groups/organisations for their use.

RYA Sailability is a national programme enabling people with disabilities to try sailing & take part regularly, and it's open to anyone.  You can feel tranquillity & freedom on the water, or progress your skills and become competitive using one of their many sailing sites across the UK.

MIGWAL is a local group that heighten awareness of the mobility needs in the Town of Wallingford, Oxfordshire. They represent the interests of people with mobility needs, specially users of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and less-able pedestrians, and aims to improve access to local shops & facilities.

Oxfordshire Transport &

Access Group

Oxford & District Sports and Recreation Association for the Disabled Ltd is an inclusive centre that integrates people with disabilities through sport and recreation by offering a huge range of facilities & activities, whether you're recovering from an accident or needing long-term physical help.

OXTRAG is a ‘user-led’ organisation and independent body composed of disabled & mobility-impaired people, and those with an interest in supporting them. They aim to improve local experiences such as access, highways and travel in Oxfordshire.

Style Acre is a charity that enhances the lives of people with learning disabilities & autism. They are committed to enabling the to make choices about their lives, and provide supported livingday opportunities and a work programme for adults with learning disabilities & autism across Oxfordshire.

Unlimited Oxfordshire is a charity for people with physical and sensory disabilities, to enable them to have the same opportunities as other residents, to enjoy social events & activities. They help to bring awareness to the community and educate them on changes needed for easier access for all.

Didcot Access Group is a group of community members led by South Oxfordshire District Council's Equality Officer. Together they try and work with authorities and businesses to help improve access for all in and around the Town of Didcot, Oxfordshire. 

Wallingford Town Council is our local governing body. They are giving us unanimous support for our project, as they do with many other groups and events that benefit the people of our community.

Yellow Submarine is an award-winning Oxfordshire charity that believes people with learning disabilities and autism deserve to live life to the full. They work with these young people to help build their social skills, confidence, independence and ultimately their employability.

Dame Katherine Grainger

Dame Katherine Grainger is a British rower with gold and silver medals from various international competitions such as Olympic Games and World Championships. She is now chair of UK Sport and personally supports us as we try and enable water sports & pleasure for all here in Wallingford. ​

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